Wednesday, May 30, 2007

do I have the geek pound?

Look, I couldnt bike today ok? its raining damn it! RAIN>!

So I paid for a day of travel. Its a tube and bus dimension to it. Lets try to bike tomorrow, however its raining again.

Its not however raining in Sardinia.

FINALLY have got all I want from Currys. I still have 80 pounds of vouchers to go through however, if I didnt, I would try my best never to go there again. Even today they are trying not to do any work. My tip is dont be polite, what ever you do, sure please and thank yous, but when they give you the chance to politely go away, refuse to and just silently look at them. This will prompt them to do their job. they enjoy this.

So Heroes is my new favourite programme, and series 2 has just been picked up by the bbc for what they say is 400K per episode!!! 23 of them!!! crazy figures. They say hi concept drawn out geek dramas are the legacy of Lost, however the geek pound is where tv is aimed, and that is a good thing./

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well we were the people that you wanted to know

Short week this week, and one that ends well, its all about the holiday!!

We had the week of gigs last week, highlights being the new puritans who I think are amazing!! also good were cold war kids, which turned into a bit of a sing a long. Lowlights was the sound to modest mouse! really bad, but I guess I was sitting in the rafters. Loved the RAH though.

Finally found my video camera! Wicked. Went for the longest walk around ever. Let this be official notice that the staff of Currys suck around the country! I mean please pay these guys more to give a shit, and to actually know anything. No one could help me, you ask them a question and they read out whats on the spec list, i mean "thanks a lot for that but I can read". good lord. and I watched them time and again tell customers to wait a minute while they do some terribly insignificant job.
well anyway enough about that, more to the point after going to about 6 stores I finally found the camera I wanted. I had to get up early on Saturday with L. and catch a train out of Victoria to a place called Medway, which feels a bit interzone to me! a nice area though, and I would go again, there is a dickens festival actually for the 1st-3rd of June but I will be busy!
sooooooooooooooooooo only a camera bag needed to get now! wicked.

then its a trip to Sardinia for me

oh yeah.

Friday, May 18, 2007

coming up!

Its turning out to be a lovely day in London today.

The sun is out, and I have already been on the roof of my building. Took a couple of snaps on the D40 then a couple more of my office. Which is empty bar a left over Christmas tree, and all my tapes. It wont be for long but at the moment I feel like a trespasser.

OK, things coming up that you can look forward to.

Tonight I am going to Clemmies house. Its really close to my work which is great, I can walk there! I will get a couple of bottles of wine as she has a really nice one apparently, from a wine tasting course she has attended.

Next week should have two or three more gigs on our youtube site, including Modest Mouse and Cold War Kids. As I have mentioned before C.W.K. will be at Koko who’s liquor prices have forced me to smuggle some pre purchased liquor in.

Then we are off to Sardinia. I have been once before, where we explored the north and the north east. This time we are heading to the south and south east.
Now there are two things I really have to do on this trip. 1) go on a boat trip, ideally driving the boat itself. That is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world, if not though I would also love a glass bottomed boat ride.
And 2) eat a suckling pig, live. No not really, cooked obviously you heathen.

Anyways. You also can look forward to some wine tasting, but that’s on june the 21st or something, plenty of time…

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Prince myself to poverty

Harnessing the moment we bought 4 tickets to see prince in the hell hole that is the millennium dome/02 arena. I have seen public enemy there and have low, low expectations. But what the hell! I get to see Prince 2ce! Soooooo, good. But its not enough for me. I also want to see him play the secret gigs, there is one at koko tonight, but I am just going to stick to the website until it finally happens.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

blogs arent just for christmas

Neglection, thats the only way to put it.

but spurred on by the massive 2 comments I got this month, I thought I would branch out. The camera obscura footage has had a massive 72 views on you tube, thats good news for them I think. posting music seems to get some viewing interest.
Unfortunately thats going to be difficult because I lost my video camera on my way home from glasgow. Someone stole it from the sleeper train! can you believe it?

But all in all its just stuff. L reminded me of that story of the parents who lost their daughter on holiday so it brings it all into perspective a little.

I do however have the entire footage of the all tomorrows parties on my hard drive so thats some great news. look forward to shaky footage of all the bands I saw that weekend. Its why I havent been posting is because I wanted to save it all for the finished product, but no. not when I hear the knock of two callers!