Friday, June 27, 2008

only in Dubai

Not that I have been there, but now I really want to go!! Oh yeah!

check out this vid of a design to use a sky scraper to generate electricity, and look as trippy as you like!

New Tate Membership

I belong!, originally uploaded by turoasaur.

L has graciously renewed my Tate membership! Woohoo! The upcoming year sees Francis Bacon, Rothco, Echakhch and many more.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life in the Kitchen

DSC_0004, originally uploaded by turoasaur.

we are begining to grow our own food, and finally being like Tom and Barbara.

When I say we, my role is obviously minimal, consisting of comunication with the plants, to ensure a healthy mind set before I eat them. L takes care of most of the rest.

I think they are lettuce?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

you have to heart where you live

London rocks. I mean if you are floundering around for something to blog about (AND LETS FACE IT- Telling you about my dinner is not going to get me an audience!) then all you have to do is grab your camera and hit the streets on any given evening. I suppose you have to be in the mood for it, but I went out last night with the lovely L. and everything was blog tastic.

We went to the Cy Twombly exhibition at the Tate Modern last night. We walked over, and then under Blackfriars Bridge and I noticed this frightening sign.

Defo bloggable, think about it for a second... why do you need a licence?
anyway, This is our first time to the tate since all of the art has appreared outside the gallery...

We hit the bar as soon as we got there, a nice bottle of wine and we even had a seat on the river side, which is usually packed.

The exhibition was quite something. The first few rooms I felt assaulted! It was like the vicous slashings of a maniac, the scribbles, the thick pastings of oil, the plaster of paris sculptings, really did not agree with me. I was getting more and more anxious, I felt myself being wound up tighter and tighter with every painting. thankfully, the curators calmed you down with room 3, which was two huge complimenting canvases. I really enjoyed the last two rooms, the penultimate was emerald greens smeered over cream painted wooden boards. I found it looked very Japense, like a bush covered river. And the last room was the famous shots that are on the literature for this exhibition.

Then we walked down the embankment, found a strange garden dedicated to NZ plants! There even was Pohutakawa trees! And this (not native but popular in NZ) Plant; the red hot poker.To give its scientific genus name.

And as we were kicked out of this park for drinking, we sat in the Trafalgar Square, which I think is one of the strangly romantic spots in the city. I took these two photos that I really like.

This fountain was apparently built to stop crowds gathering in too concentrated numbers when protesting, as some of the biggest English protests took place here.

and this is just a photo I liked.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Ducks Life

Early Sunday morning we levered ourselves out of bed, jumped on the bikes and made our way to Hampstead Heath with strawberries and yogurt in our stomachs. In the space between the clouds, the sun shone through. Though it was fleeting it warmed instantly.
Hampstead Lido is a lovely pool, 50 metres, (*which is large when trying lengths!)
Its cold though! 18 degrees, man oh man, took me a while to get in. And there were two ducks in the middle! just bobbing along, people still swimming, and the ducks just shuffling in their wake. Madness. Can you spot the duck in this photo?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Does anyone really care what I am having for dinner?

Come on London, its mid June for crying out loud. stop fucking rainging!
well its threating quite wildly out there now, with earthquake looking clouds awaiting. Although with Wimbledon just around the corner, we all should know better.

Anyway back to my dinner. Last night L. invented a completly new salad involving crazy beans, smoked fish and olives, so its my turn to invent something tasty and healthy. I am going to make chicken w/ tomatoes, asparagus and rosemary in little tinfoil parcels. should/could be nice. if you really want I will put photos in tomorrow haha.

ok, an hour to go til the football, and it looks like rain.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Ian Seigal hits the 100 club.

Hung over again! I plan not to go out tonight- "but its Friday>?!" I hear you say!! well shut up you, you're the last one I need to hear from, its people like you that make me wind up holding my head against pillows.

But last night was fun! woohoo! Out in one of the only sunny afternoons London has had for a while. Had a few beers on the bus (its illegal you know- as of the first of June- what-ever) the 94 from Shepherds Bush to Oxford Street. Then shoe horned myself through the human sausage maker that is Oxford Street. Grabbed a couple more beers and sent myself and A. to Soho Square. As is usual that place was packed. Its impossible for two men not to look gay in that square. Then off to the famous 100 Club. Looking at all the photos on the wall, its obvious how important this place is to the musical heritage of London. Its such a gem of history.

I was there for Ian Seigal. I love his dancing and snake boots.

Here is an addictive number countdown cut with a lot of patience from films.