Thursday, November 27, 2008


Had to mention this place. Coming home from Dylan Moran and I was H*U*N*G*R*Y. Now it must be mentioned I live above a perfectly good Kebab shop, but when needs must, its down the road and around the corner for me to Crystal Kebabs.
Now not only do they over do the delicous bread, vege and meat stews and delicious lamicuns but they also drop in a couple of free rice puddings.

I know.

Free. Rice. Pudding.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Art Alert

Extended but absolutely going to end this weekend is a third form science project gone horribly wrong! Its going to be a long wait, you have to shed your own boots in favor of theirs and its south of the river but... it looks ace!

Roger Hiorns presents Seizure his most ambitious transformation yet to create a crystalic wonderland from a former dull old estate house.

To quote

British artist Roger Hiorns makes exceptional use of unlikely materials: detergent, disinfectant, perfume, fire and copper sulphate crystals. Transforming steel poles, car engines and cardboard architectural models into crystalline forms, Hiorns effects surprising, physical and aesthetic transformations on found objects.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Round up: Tinselworms, Pies and Pandas

Monday already! How to buffer myself from work/play? BLOG!
Yes its a bit early, but I bet there are people out there who want to know what I have done this weekend... surely?

Went for dinner at the old HK Diner, it had good write ups, and all in all not dissapointing, L's hot pot (pork Belly) was the best, then F's prawns was second, my duck was the worst but still quite tasty! Then we went to Bill Bailey

Which was ace, he was less absurd than I expected. And you could tell he was on the back of his American tour. But his best joke was distintly English, (Spoiler alert not too high though./.._) and the joke was about him cringing from the future about how embarrasing the olympic ceremony is going to be! haha, true bro...

Saturday and we tried some pies. Now as I am sure you know the UK is sadly lacking in decent pies, so when I see them I am always torn between running in fear, or running for the promise of savory goodness withing those thin pastry walls. So when at Broadway Market on a freezing Saturday I saw them- I went for it!

"Thanks, can I have a chilli steak pie and a steak and cheese please>?"

Now they had take away pies, that you could bring home- and they cost about £3.50 each. (NZ-ers will balk!) and to make matters worse- they microwave them! bah. But on a chilly day, it was a delicous, home made filling filled tasty treat.

And then Sunday we took a walk in Crouch End, where we found an excellent print shop, which just shows where our aspirations lie because we so wanted to bring home art. haha. This was one of my faves.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mitch Mitchell RIP

So its a bit late, but its one of those things that needs to be blogged about.
One of the best drummers ever, the connection between jazz and rock, and how to be everywhere on the skins without overbearing the guitar.
Mr Mitch Mitchell

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Its neate ayhe Aunt?

Adam Neate is turning London into an art gallery on Friday. A quick check into the auctions and one of his pics reached over 40k so even though he is going for a *ahem "Warholian" technique of not actually touching canvas there might be an investment to be made from walking around the streets of London at midnight scoping for free art.

“I’m interested in that Warhol idea of the brand as assisted readymade. Apart from creating the master image in stencil, I haven’t had to touch these works at any point in their production, even the signature is rubber-stamped – and although they’re multiples, each one is compositionally unique.”

Now although I am sure that this is not the reason why he is doing it, but I am sure I wont be the only night prowler!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My lunchbox gets all the girls to the yard

How awesome is my home made cottage pie lunch box? Oooooohhhhh yeah...

Monday, November 03, 2008

pimp my loaf

Annoyed at myself for losing stuff, there was nothing to do on Sunday but to break bread...
L made some (!) bread! it is delicous, with basil and stuff! but although she looked at it wearily saying "thats a lot of mix" she loaded up the oven, and made 6 loaves! I know! Like jesus! only hot.