Saturday, October 24, 2009

Steak Club

Its a simple dream. A search for the finest plate of steak served ever. EVER!

Our first steak club met in the cobbled streets of East London, we walked through London Fields to the closed Broadway Market to Buen Ayre

I shared a plate with D. with a 12oz Sirloin and a 10oz rib eye, two sausages, black pudding and a slice of houlami. It was an excellent steak.

The restaurant was tricky to book, had to pay 10 pounds a head deposit but if you wanted to do it over the phone, you could only do that when the restaurant wasnt open for service... Over the phone they seemed a lot more regimental than in practice.

The mean of the scores were:
Rate your steak: 3.98/5
Rate the restaurant: 3.38

The first steak club team.

For a random selection of steak shots, each steak club I shall take a photo of the person to my right. Here E. enjoys a sirloin...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lizzie on the Plinth!

London, half one on a Wednesday morning in October. I tell you what, there's not a lot to do in Leicester Square! This is one of the only places open, and was thoroughly worth it. It should be on a things to do when in London list.

Then L went on the Plinth! How awesome is that? pretty damn cool. I was jealously taking photos around and shivering while at it! Maybe I wasnt that jealous to be up there in the cold, but what a view! Lucky L!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"history is always the first to go"

One of the best things about London has to be the ICA.

L & I do day dream about what the best thing that our combined talents could ever come up with, and it would be direct competition to the ICA. Our bar would be better and there would be somewhere for local kids to learn how to make music/ films but this place is pretty awesome. Great films, great talks, a fiver on Mondays- bring it on!

We spent last Tuesday watching Joe Sacco, author and artist of Palestine. I am ashamed to say (but not too proud to admit) that its pretty musch all I know about the place! I know! anyway, he spoke at length about his style -no computers- ink and pen, what he has seen and hasnt seen. Its just amazing to see someone speak about his life and be soooo moved and inspired, its a shame I can not draw I thought! but then, what sort of comic would my day make? well I am sure I could write it well.... you want to hear? see- its another thing! haha, this guy just up and took himself to an area he was upset to here about to see it for himself.

I am upset to hear about the shoddy infrastructure that led to the Vector being commisioned for the UK army, but none thought about the supply of parts. apparently (bbc4) it couldnt be fully loaded or the wheels fell off, and by licence they couldnt buy spare parts from the us company that supplied it because their initial contract with the U.S. meant they get first served. Uk are dropping them after only an couple of years in service. In this day in age that is a disgrace (and i know i have to stop talking now because I believe soldiers are as good as dead when they sign up- and if they live to leave,it is a miracle! but to die in todays age of planning because of faulty vehicles, in a place that the uk has fought in for how many years???.... and I am not going over there to make a comic/ film about it. so hats off to Jo.

Tomorrow might be the most exciting day of my life, with the Pixies followed by L. on the plynth! can you belive it?! I cant...
another wine I think as I turn over Dolittle on the record player.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

TV at work.

This is the second every 21:9 telly to come into England, and one of 6 in Europe at the moment. At around 6 grand it offers cinema like viewing for the first time. Apparently 16:9 is technology borne of a mistake. That the basic crt started at 4:3 and everytime they tried to bring it back to 21:9 the tube imploded. They bought it back and back and back until it did not implode and that was 16:9!

All the above information was given to me by this silver fox holding court below.

Here we see 3D television. It's actually amazing!

mushrooms and chestnuts

Hampstead Heath. Its pretty much London's window into the past. We all know that Lewis came here, saw a gas lit lamp in the snow, went home and wrote that wonderful scene- we know that Spacey lost his phone while innocently taking his ailing dog on it's walk. But its possible to forget the sirens and shoulders of London here- and everyone is on their best behavior.

I walked the park by myself and found some orange and green places, mushrooms and chestnuts, pathways and dead ends.
Here are some photos of them.