Thursday, April 29, 2010


Never ask Londoners about Margate. Man they do not like it. not one bit.
However, this strange corner of England is peaceful and optimistic. They told us the waterfront were offering a years free rent for new businesses. Take from that what you will but there were very good businesses around.
And the best fish and chips I have tasted here. Dont get me started on the Shell Grotto.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is this?

Fuck, havent posted since Feb? Whats that about. How many things have I done that I have missed out?
well i never remember stuff really. I am a man of the moment. A man of a moment. Have you read Imagica? The main characters "Gentle" and "Judith" are cursed to walk through life never remembering more than ten years. They are gorgeous magnetic folk, who do not need to do much to have people rushing around them, helping them out. But Gentle reminds me a little of me sometimes, as it takes a reminder usually before I recall. She turns out to be a fake btw, half fish. You know the type.

Lets see if I can remind my self of something to tell you about.
By Photo.
Well I still live in London. London loves to slip between seasons, but when it gets them, it wears them well. Winter just kept up, bringing with it snow, wind, early nights which always bring accessable sunsets.

Throughout 2010 I have been to many wine tastings. These are some great wines.

2010 sounds old already. 2014 sounds like its never going to come. A time of the future that is lost to me. If I die before then, mark these words.
L& I went camping. We want to go camping in portugal in a couple of months.
We went to the new forest, its about an hour or so from London, however trains are fucken expensive. Get your self a rail card and it saves you and three others 30% off each tx. thats good. This place in Brokenhurst has horses everywhere. its weird. but fun. we woke up to see loads of horses around us. Dont feed them all the signs say. But the little bastards can't read and try to intimidate you.