Thursday, September 13, 2007

American Country Music

Three bursts of fantastic american music.

First up, now this is too long for most of you, but man its worth it and it shows what an amazing tool the old you tube is. Leadbelly )(ledbelly)( was so cool he sung himself out of prison 3 times! How cool is that?

ok, so this guy is too cool too. Prison song to a prison, but makes you wonder where all the brothers at?

and because those two posts have made me slightly depressed I thought we should go out with the two names that make country music what it is, and the best thing is its the eighties as your parents knew it, without the coke and the bullshit (sorry Freddy, you know I always love you)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

sexy er, sex toys.

When art meets girl masturbation you know things might just work out in this kooky little world, Jamie Hewitt who should be best know for his 2000AD work but is ultimately famous for the gorillaz and tank girl has come up with these rather modest sized vibes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

music new to me

Thought you might like a little bit more music Today, firstly the great Panda Bear have a good summery track here. How good is London today? This place rocks when it wants to hey? But so does panda bear,

And then a little bit of NZ Music to calm us down a bit- The shocking Pinks

And now to wake you up a bit, a little bit of dance hall!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Music for Manic Mondays (not the bangles)

So you want to play guitar? This nifty little site shows when to diminish your sevenths and when not to. We all need a little helping hand! This site takes you through the pop songs you might want to busk to make a little bit of crack money, the songs might be a little passe I know, but its quite a good tool.

Hope you had a good weekend, to get us started in this week I thought I would share something old and something new. Here is the coolest commercial around at the moment, and even though I am beginning to hate commercials like never before, I will give credit where credit is due, look how he feels the music. Oh yes.

And as for something old, this little gem harks back to the days when time was so limited in television programmes that you couldn’t waste it summing up earlier story lines that were “previously on…” so the deft approach was sum the whole series up in the themesong! Take it away boys.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

caribou, native fauna and you.

starting this tasty day with a fruit salad and yoghurt. was biking to work and saw M&S so just parked up and went inside. to hell with work I thought, may as well take a little time in the morning to enjoy the sunlight.

and a ham salad for lunch yum, hungry already!

The question of the Weekend looms before me, the rugby world cup starts so that should be fun, a friend from work has a party, another friend wants us to go down to their house (Tooting) and the weather is meant to be fab, so a BBQ is not out of the question. Sounds nearly like summer doesnt it?

Went to Bardens or Bar Dens if you like ;) last night. What an odd venue, though I do appreciate the unorganised nature of it, it was rammed and stinking hot. All gigs smell now, but no ventilation really didnt help. I fasioned a fan from a flier and if it wasnt quite as effective as any one elses its mainly because of the material, not my fantail design.
you can hear the New Zealand Fantail here.

The band were cool, but the vocals were (purposely?) low. But two drummers are always appreciated.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

sunny days,

Sun is shining on a London frozen by its striking tube. Its not a whole strike with three lines open, but its chaos on the streets if you believe the bbc. I might bring my camera tomorrow and get a couple of shots of the hordes angrily signalling to taxis already full. It certainly gets a Londoners blood up having to wait to get to somewhere.
I biked, as did L. pretty good going really.
Anyway long time no write? not much to say unfortunately. I did go to prince twice, put the gig on youtube and goty over 10,000 hits! I was a superstar. But then it got banned for legal reasons. Wierd him giving away those cds and still stinging people on the tube. oh well.
Also went to sonic youth, and I can still leave this on the net... so here you go, click wildly please!