Thursday, March 29, 2007

Special Day -1

So I brought that video camera, so take it back if you have already got it for me, its fine. Still need a tripod. I havent taken a single frame of footage though! But its not been the right time. Tonight might be the right time, as its my (ahem) special day minus one oh yeah, OH YEAH! oh yeah.

Its going to be a good one. Poor L. is sick though, but she, like the kids in shameless, knows how to throw a parrrrrrrty.

So its the big day tomorrow, am off to the swimmers pub, its on Eburne road if you are keen, should be good!

So day off tomorrow (sharp mathmaticians among you will know that is my special day -0) I have a few things i want to do, taping the whole day is one of those things. from the moment I wake up! should be REALLY INTERESTING if you have a yearning to see everything I do. but if you cant do something self centered on yr own birthday there is no time to do it.

But on a side note, I saw a guy this morning talking about the gorrilas in the london zoo, (who this week has been placed in a new enclosure) and he is saying with the money that they used for this half acre section (£5,000,000) they could use that to support the animals on the front line (congo). But what I took from it is a sense that I have nothing I am passionate about, (music arsenal, making movies, watching movies, these things dont count? these things dont count.

So 2007, time to get involved, 32? Time to get passionate about something that has nothing to do with myself.
options- Amnesty international? save the countain lions? BADGERS!!!

not a bad option...

Friday, March 16, 2007


OK, so if I ran into some money all of a sudden, these are the things I might buy.

Video CameraExternal Hardrive
dvd recorder

Not too much is it? no I dont think it is. hahahahaha.
anyway, now to look for that money!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

date night

Didnt do that well or that bad in the quiz last night. As usual I can only remember the questions I got right
1)What religion does the idea of ying and yang belong?
2)What religion are hare krishnas?

It was a religion round.

Drunk too much though. Sore head now. and its the afternoon!

Looking for a venue for my birthday. its difficult, I am thinking of a meal (its on a friday) I have bought the time out book. here are the two that it might be at

Green And Black and The Charles Lamb

Both look good on the net, I might go have a look this weekend.

Didnt win on the horses today, dispite being given a definite thing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

quiztina turner.

ten minutes left of my most boring day in this new job. BAH! Ten lengthy insipid minutes.

anyhow its quiz night tonight. and we have no name as yet. how hard is it to come up with a witty, brillant, topical, relevant name? hard. thats how, its hard hard.

heres the best so far,
scooby dooby dont
we're with matt dillon.
sex golf and rock and roll.

Even asked yahoo answers, the best they came up with was norfolk & chance, which while quite funny, every quizmaster must have heard that one.

Its our second time we have gone and we were mid table mediocre at the last time, tonight? possibly worse.

will let you know tomorrow, along with the rating of the hangover.

Oh arsenal play tonight, which as luck would have it they did the night we played quiz last. its not on tv so I am not being unlucky, in fact I bet on us winning, (2-1 rosicky last goal, and 2-0 fabregas first goal)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So Lily Allen was awesome. I had seen a gig on tv of her, she seemed out of breath and uncomfortable, but she has been training at being a star and was a great act.

Early signs were bad, a huge queue was bypassed for the pub and when I got to the merchandise desks there were two chicks, they must have been 14 at the very oldest but since I am old, they looked about 9 to me. So they were buying these t shirts, and I was laughing, they evoked a lot of thoughts which I shall regail you with now.
1) is that the age of people they are aiming at with these shirts, they fitted perfectly! they are 9! (or 14!) 2) if this is the age that you are aiming to sell yr goods to, why arent they child prices? 15-18 pounds for a childs tee shirt!! 3) what are you doing leting them try on the tshirts??
I bought a bag of badges. haha, the kids have the money thats for sure.

She started with LDN, with her white sneaker dancing and reggae horn section. I got into it quite quickly, feeling out of place sitting upstairs by myself (L, T & C were downstairs but no one sitting by me did!). So there were loads of young kids with their mums, single older women (they asked me for a hit of the doobie which I was trying to be low key about). The high point was a cover of "Heart of Glass" Which was one of those musical moments when nothing else mattered. awesome.
(photos to come when I can get them off my phone)

Monday, March 12, 2007

gigs again!

Top of the day to you!
I saw a band called hush the many last week. didnt really want to go, but L talked me into it and (albeit the only gig I have been to all year) it was the best gig all year! amazing. slightly samey with a quiet begining turned riotous vaugeness at the end but a lovely tangible feeling about it. I pitied the next band whom while good at their teenage angst stuff, (a band who obviously use the mirror in band practice and see the dublin castle as a stadium) it only held me for a few minutes and they were slightly embarrased ones.

And tonight we are going to see Lily Allen, again an L's choice, so she is really showing me the town!! a great start to the week I do believe!

And looking forward to st pattys day this sat, my work is going tomake green food and I have a chance to break out my kermit top!