Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mix Tapes

Mix tapes.

I think we need to get this back into action. After making a couple for xmas and parties etc, (with mixed results) I think I am going to get on top of it and make some for everyone. You want one? Just ask.

I think I shall have my own template on how to make them. It will be as if it’s a tape, and the first side should be the party side. This could be heavy if the recipient enjoys heavy, or party if they don’t really dig heavy. Then the second side is more of the Sunday feet up in front of the papers kind of way. The Sunday of your student days; a Sunday that really matters. Not just the desperate Sunday that you cling to in dread of the Monday lurking in the recesses of yr mind but a real life Sunday when nothing else matters, and its all comfy couches and cappuccinos (which you could grab a bloody mary if you so desired).