Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ringing the Changes

Its a sad day as the art is washed away, to swirl into storm drains, filtered down to be one day drunk by someone... hmmm not too bad I suppose!

Wash em down!

Monday, September 29, 2008

all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine

OK so its Jewellery time! Having just returned from Murano I am amped to make things. Oh here is an ace shop that I got my mum a necklace from, and thought you might like to have a look as well...

But I have just received 50 microscope slides, that I intend to make into brooches. I still need a few items (solder iron, clamp, pictures!) but the slides themselves are a step in the right direction. Looking on the net everyone uses stained glass foiled tape to hold the two slides together before you solder- but where am I meant to get that from? Obviously the "misc..." shops in seven sisters road will probably hold them! I am hoping they have solder irons!!

Rhyming slang learn during the weekend: Bag= bag of sand- Grand. £1000.

I am still looking for somewhere with a kiln to let me make glass bricks!

Monday, September 08, 2008

John Soames Rocks!

cleptomaniac, originally uploaded by gfitz36.

So ma has arrived, we have crossed off a few things from the list, old hallows, tate, trafelgar square, jewell tower, westminster abbey etc. But it was John Soames Museum that really blew my mind, so great to walk around the house to see what those fancy houses look like inside, and then the sheer volume of his collection is overwhelming. But for me the jewel is the collection of the hogarth "A rakes progress".
oh and the sweet t towel for a fiver. watch out people xmas presents coming yr way!

Havent seen Bex yet, but you know itsgoing to happen

Monday, September 01, 2008

Blogs around the world

Loving Blogs around the world at the moment, the puddlelicious crew has grown today. if you feel like reaching around this dark internet for a spark of inspiration, check some out now!_ oh wait, read me first- read me first-/oo\

I have been thinking. Lots of things really, and I know I dont usually rant here but do you know what? Posts have been pretty thin on the ground, and if I expect people to read me (I dont actually but you know what I mean) then I have to write something.

Now, like a lot of people, I want to get me an iphone. this is mainly because of the maps function, I just get a kick out of seeing -electronically- where i am- which would probably be a pub, and I could look out the window, but I will be showing everyone where we are on the phone... (I know how lucky my friends are!)... So you can then choose to see the restaurants around you- but (obviously) only the ones that have signed up and become iphone ap. 101 savy. Which is ok at the moment, but as the money begins to come in for this, it will soon only be the places that are chosen to be sponsored by which ever app it is.
Which brings me to my point. We are living in the wild west of the internet, but the later stages of the pioneering spirit. Very soon, our choices of what we want to view- or what we can view, will be limited by our providers in much the same way. I actually think that we will have to pay for the sort of things that we now just bump into, like peoples blogs- or user generated content. so a nominal fee for the huge products- but a larger fee for wanting to view content made from independant users.

the end, in short is nigh.

On the upside, I have sunburnt shoulders for the first time all year. Its September people!

This week sees the return of Bex- and the intial arrival of my mother!

and its a short week.