Friday, June 22, 2007

Intrepid Fox

Went to the new intrepid fox yesterday. For those not from London its one of the only Metal pubs in London, (as well as the crow bar and that new one in camden) but it had closed its doors in Soho, and opened them in the odd location of St Giles.

In the olden days this was the very limit of the london city, which had banned lepers, so the St Giles church would let the lepers live within its walls, burying the deceased in mass graves just all around the area. (They also grew wine down in the present day Grape St).
Many of the condemned from Newgate Prison were led past mocking crowds to their death upon the gallows where Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street meet. As ghosts cannot find the people they would like to haunt if they are burried at the cross roads, this intersection is also a mass grave.

So between these two sepulturas (if you will), or necropolis, is the new Intrepid Fox. A pub where it is the norm to be heavily tattooed, long haired (if yr male) and scantily clad (if you are not), where it seemed almost entirely dressed in black. I think this is one of my favourite pubs at the moment, and think if you like a bit of metal or goth, you should visit.