Saturday, April 21, 2007

camera obscura footage

so, not only did I take and upload my first real you tube footage, I have also posted it here!
So this is their second to last song, we got a good position on the balcony, and the sound comes out all right here. The main bug bear for me however, is that the venue Koko;- a beautiful old theatre, with great sound and a giant mirrorball, charges £3.70 for a 440ml can of coke. so four cans of beer costs you £15.80! I am pretty sure that is disgusting. So the next gig I go to there (cold war kids 23rd May) I am going to sneak liquor in- so there you bastards!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Springtime fluctuates in with warmth and sunshine, hides out behind some clouds for a time then pops back with heat. Blossom trees in full swing, I am really liking the white ones at the moment.
Tonight we go to Camera Obscura a Glasgow band with fun and tender sounds. L. got me tx for my bday which start off quite a gig crammed season. I am biking to work currently -oh have been offered the job as well000 havent taken it yet000

Making compliation discs is still going strong if you want one?!