Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

mixed tapes

I remember (here we go, I feel already your eyes glazing over reaching for the skip button) the days when cassettes ruled, aa batteries mattered and a good way to spend an afternoon was to hunch over the radio and tape songs. Mixed tapes took a good deal of time, and where are they now?

Well, online of course indulgent? Perhaps, but lets give the guy some credit. Come on feel the noise after Eat it? classic eighties.

However if you want to get some mixed tape CD's - Join this facebook group- if the link works, (if not generic search engine is yr friend)
Love is A Mixed Tape I do it, you do not often get what you put in, but I love it.

New music Day

Just spending the day finding some new music, and adding here in case you were wondering how 2011 is working out

Monday, January 10, 2011

Spot The Tox Competition

ok, first to spot the first Tox11 gets a prize.

Back to the Future

Is it me, or is this just ridiculously familiar. The family genes run strong. I thought I would put this in so I dont have to search the net every time I want to bore-amaze people with this photo.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shard Watch

New Year, New Mirrors.

That's enough from you. You don't write, you don't call, you think a face book status update is enough to sustain this sort of relationship? well its not bucko.

Here we are then, and I will let you into a secret, I am to write in here once a week. There I have put it down in this internet thing here- (interesting things machine) and I am bound to it. If I don't do it then I look like the sort of person who makes resolutions and then disregards them! I will be like a leper. Or a wolf. Yes a lone wolf.

I am making this easy on myself by dedicating this entry to shard watch. Now if you were lucky enough to sit next to me at work, you would know that I am deeply impressed at the changing of the London skyline by the shard. Now London is always changing- cranes and scaffolding cover most of the west end at any given time, but something so startling as this mammoth building does not happen everyday. Now I am not going to bore you with the nuts and bolts about it. But I am going to show you the three pictures I have taken it this last weekend.

There you have it. I will keep you updated with Shard Watch when blog inspiration runs thin.