Friday, May 30, 2008


Live at the Forum, 27/5/8. Was a good gig, dispite the first set from the newest three albums, and I didnt even know it was them playing!
then the first encore was hits, NWO, Breathe, just one fix, Thieves and So What, which is below. I mean it was awesome! Then we left but the next encore they played covers including the doors, ZZ Top and what a wonderful world.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

a muggy london day- where is summer?

This week is lagging even though its a day shorter! where is the justice?

I have found new blogs of note today and have entered them over there in the land of blogs and other sites you should visit before you die.

In other news I am reading Michael Chabon's "Kavalier & Clay", and although not yet a third of the way in, I am very excited with it. Being the third MC Book I have read this year (!) I am a fan! READ HIM! And of course the cover art is excellent in this new =WARNING SHAMELESS PLUG WITHIN= format by HarperCollins.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Long weekend!

woohoo! not that I have had such a long week this week!
Minehead was awesome, just the best time, watching bands, hanging out at the chalet, waterslides, more bands. pretty cool.

Highlights were ghostface killer and silver jews. good fun.

I burnt my mouth so took a couple of days off getting better, and here i am on a Friday before bank holiday haha.

I am off to the Ministry gig on Tuesday. Thats going to Rock!

I will put some pix and videos up when we add them to you tube. the ones on at the moment have awful sound quality!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

off to the parties tomorrow

ALL Tomorrows Parties.

Minehead. Tomorrow. Party. Tomorrow. Minehead.

How exciting is it going to be? pretty damn exciting.
The gig starts and ends really really well. Constantines first and ends with Envy.

Soon enough- great song, the video is obviously fan made but I like it.

and to end, Japanese hardcore band Envy

and heres some of those crazy NZers...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

falling down...

Sun floods the desk as I type these words. May bursts into its second week with sun and smiles and job interviews.

Just heard this for the first time, and as a dedicated Scarlet fan thought I would highlight her debut single.

I think its pretty awesome.
Of course if you dont know the original it should sound like this.

So really no comparrison between them, but scarlets does have a low fi attractiveness...