Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday in Cornwall

Choosing to use up your allocated holiday time to holiday in the UK in June is fraught with issues. Mainly- unpredictable weather.
We dithered too long deliberating about the ash cloud and the potential to be spending too much time in an airport, awaiting air space to open up that by the time we were looking at flights or the eurostar prices were soaring. So we thought we would go through with a plan that we had always wanted to do, which is camp-hike around the Cornish Coast.

I am very pleased we did, because in the most part, the weather was perfect, the people friendly, the camping splendid and the landscape fantastic.

We caught the train to Penzance, laden down with out packs with 2 hours to spare until the next bus we caught a beer and L. had her very first "Rattler" a Cornish Cider with a kick of around 7%.

We stayed in Sennen Cove camp ground, which was a 3 minute walk to the beach.
We began the walk the very next morning, as the morning mist began to lift. The sky was grey and rain was promised so we were not expecting much. During the short spring many rare flowers bloom, and the start of our walk took longer than it needed to be as we took shot after shot of small flowers.
Although we werent to know it, this was to be our longest walk, heading around Lands end to Treen.

And once we were in Treen we didnt want to leave! Firstly because of the campsite, it was ace, if we set up tent away from the shelter of the hedges we would wake up and see the Ocean! The End Of Land!
Next day the rain hit the tent so hard the tent door was laid concave by the force of it.
We stayed within its walls and the pubs.