Wednesday, June 24, 2009


well, so much goes on doesnt it? here are some photos from last week. Catch a glimpse of King Henry the 8th as he cruises down the Thames. See the latest protests about Hillsborough. And look at what might be the last photo i ever take in Ravenscourt Park

Friday, June 19, 2009

Please put down your hands, because I C U

Beck has a cool idea. He has bought together music friends to come into his studio and re record one randomly chosen album in one day. Then they release a song a week on this website (follow the link)!

The first album is the classic Velvet Underground and Nico. How exciting is that! The first song is the Sunday morning, which is the first song in the album, so it could be (and should be) in chronological order. It was also the first single from the original.

I guess this album has been in my life for 20 years, and you know how it is with these sorts of albums that you start off loving the hits, "waiting for the man", "heroin" etc, but then maybe you thrash those songs too much, and its the other ones- the slow releasers that stand out in the end. So not taking anything away from any of the others, if i was to choose my favorite from this album it would be ... "I'll be your mirror"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down the Buffalo Bar.

Lovely eggs rocked the buffalo bar last week, superb. and so very friendly! Great merchandise sprung out of their travelling suitcase that I walked away with a t shirt, a handstitched badge and a signed disc.

Zoey Van Goey were very good live, a variety of classy singers, swapping instruments with some really good tunes to boot.

giant bumblebee attacks west London mall

ha ha, mall.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

morning walk through the park

So with the queen throwing down her new alotment I thought I would share more pictures of Ravenscourt Park
I mean, if you were to write a blog, you would chuck flower pictures all over it right? Right?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Blues Venue Opening today!

Live blues venues in London are scarce, which is odd as there are blues all around these days if you believe the papers.

Blues is an odd genre of music I think, it can be amazing, or it can be elevator music. Lets hope with 3 floors and a W1 postcode Charolotte St Blues comes up with the goods!

Tomorrow night at the Buffalo Bar these guys will be playing and I will be there! come along do. Now they could be a one hit wonder, but what a hit!

Albert and Pearl have their record swap night on Friday as well, you pretty much take records you don't want and swap it. sweet.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

picture update

Heres some pictures I havent shared yet about the last couple of weekends.
Enjoyed Hampstead Heath with a few friends. The place was packed but we managed to get a couple of really good spots.

C&A gave me a reflector and this is my first go at it. The lovley L. poses here first under the warm golden reflector, ...

...and here under the natural light of the silver!

I enjoyed dusk on the Thames with some old friends,

We watched our friends 10KM run for A Safer World, around central London. Although gruelling looking, it also seemed like a lot of fun, and a great way to raise awareness for their charity.

Weekend Roundup: June 6th and 7th

Hey, its still spring lets take the rain on the chin and the sun on our backs. There is still a bunch of stuff to do…
I thought I would throw some weekend ideas your way.


Pirate time! Its that simple folks, get yr timbers shivered at the golden hynde lunchtime.

The strain looks amazing, its like vampires but forget everything you have heard about them except they are evil motherfuckers. Guillermo del Toro signs copys at Forbidden Planet

NZ Play Scotland at the Oval, hey its 20/20, hey it might rain, just do it anyway!

Saturday night’s featured party relives the roaring forties! Dress up forties glam which is always nice!

KK Outlet have a display of passive aggressive notes, pretty funny stuff actually, originated from this website, you probably know it.

Crafters unite! It looks like a great crafternoon in Borough if you want to learn how to pompom or make finger puppets, and I know you do!

Ukulele orchestra supplying the score for silent films

Although it’s likely to be raining, grab yr brolly and learn about London. As part of the ongoing Story of London festival a whole lot of blue badgers will show you around at history you hadn’t noticed yet… also involved is Carnaby St with some sort of sales and model mods walking around for some kind of "sorry you missed the 60's" thing.

Love London, love your planet festival is hippytastic you know, in a totally London way!

The Bagel end of Brick Lane is holding what looks to be a fantastic day of street art, international graffiti artists- music and general excitement - get those cameras ready!

There is a slow food festival on the South Bank this weekend, although you should be across the many free things they are offering over the spring.


I know it’s at the end of the line, but that’s all I know about it! Upminster also apparently has a windmill- this is having an open day… (one of the finest examples of the smock windmill remaining in England)

Of course there is still bike polo

If you are checking out the meeting of styles then also head over post bagel to Rough Trade, that has two wristband gigs going on
Including Broken Records, who are about to release their album through 4AD and Mockingbird wish me luck both very good hangover tunes! (Also The Drones play on Monday)

Streetfighter IV play offs! Juno in Shoreditch- fiver to join you could win a grand!

If you haven’t been to the Wellcome Trust yet, you really should, along with the usual tours of this obscure and varied collection they have a discussion about London Life and Death this Sunday.

Have you been to Somerset house yet? There are plenty of reasons to this year, including an amazing film festival (under the stars!) that includes a double bill of Pan’s Labyrinth/ The Exorcist, The Mars Volta and this weekend they are opening their doors to the public.

This includes access to the cool bits you only see in films like “the duchess”.

The British Museum has an interesting talk about the history of the museum

Camden Oxfam is getting a facelift, check it out