Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Thousand and Ten starts with double duvets!

Here we are then. Arthur C Clarke time!

Oh and its cold. Boiler seems to be playing up so we have to grab the spare duvet for the bed! grim.

Below I present you with the first photo of the year.

you all know the story right? well, I felt ashamed of myself as I excitedly went to spot the new "release" of Banksy- I don't realy like him myself, I mean some of them are awesome, but - the whole "save our banksy shit pisses me off. its just graffiti and the very act of it means that you should deface it. which this one is a prime example.
Any way, its down the road from my house so why not right?


the year starts with clubs coming back. and all clubs start with this blog.

Went to the Heath today with Z. The coldest Winter in 30 years makes it look fantastic.