Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday in Cornwall

Choosing to use up your allocated holiday time to holiday in the UK in June is fraught with issues. Mainly- unpredictable weather.
We dithered too long deliberating about the ash cloud and the potential to be spending too much time in an airport, awaiting air space to open up that by the time we were looking at flights or the eurostar prices were soaring. So we thought we would go through with a plan that we had always wanted to do, which is camp-hike around the Cornish Coast.

I am very pleased we did, because in the most part, the weather was perfect, the people friendly, the camping splendid and the landscape fantastic.

We caught the train to Penzance, laden down with out packs with 2 hours to spare until the next bus we caught a beer and L. had her very first "Rattler" a Cornish Cider with a kick of around 7%.

We stayed in Sennen Cove camp ground, which was a 3 minute walk to the beach.
We began the walk the very next morning, as the morning mist began to lift. The sky was grey and rain was promised so we were not expecting much. During the short spring many rare flowers bloom, and the start of our walk took longer than it needed to be as we took shot after shot of small flowers.
Although we werent to know it, this was to be our longest walk, heading around Lands end to Treen.

And once we were in Treen we didnt want to leave! Firstly because of the campsite, it was ace, if we set up tent away from the shelter of the hedges we would wake up and see the Ocean! The End Of Land!
Next day the rain hit the tent so hard the tent door was laid concave by the force of it.
We stayed within its walls and the pubs.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Never ask Londoners about Margate. Man they do not like it. not one bit.
However, this strange corner of England is peaceful and optimistic. They told us the waterfront were offering a years free rent for new businesses. Take from that what you will but there were very good businesses around.
And the best fish and chips I have tasted here. Dont get me started on the Shell Grotto.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is this?

Fuck, havent posted since Feb? Whats that about. How many things have I done that I have missed out?
well i never remember stuff really. I am a man of the moment. A man of a moment. Have you read Imagica? The main characters "Gentle" and "Judith" are cursed to walk through life never remembering more than ten years. They are gorgeous magnetic folk, who do not need to do much to have people rushing around them, helping them out. But Gentle reminds me a little of me sometimes, as it takes a reminder usually before I recall. She turns out to be a fake btw, half fish. You know the type.

Lets see if I can remind my self of something to tell you about.
By Photo.
Well I still live in London. London loves to slip between seasons, but when it gets them, it wears them well. Winter just kept up, bringing with it snow, wind, early nights which always bring accessable sunsets.

Throughout 2010 I have been to many wine tastings. These are some great wines.

2010 sounds old already. 2014 sounds like its never going to come. A time of the future that is lost to me. If I die before then, mark these words.
L& I went camping. We want to go camping in portugal in a couple of months.
We went to the new forest, its about an hour or so from London, however trains are fucken expensive. Get your self a rail card and it saves you and three others 30% off each tx. thats good. This place in Brokenhurst has horses everywhere. its weird. but fun. we woke up to see loads of horses around us. Dont feed them all the signs say. But the little bastards can't read and try to intimidate you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My favorite London Wineshops

Lets see how far this post goes haha.

SO I thought that I might post all my favorite Wine shops. I dont know how many favorites I actually do have, so that may take some research :)

This one if ace! Situated in this crazy haven of the middleclasses, The Winery sits happily next to a deli, fancy furniture store and baby boutique, opposite an organic butcher so you can get all your middleclass wares, cheese wine baby gifts and steak (£33 pounds a kilo for Sirloin- 8.95 per kg for a shoulder of lamb). But do not judge it by its street! The staff take time and care on their recomendations, will give history lessons (it use to be a chemist) and go to many of the winerys themselves to choose which vintages to take.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Band club

Went to see shrag last night, these guys supported, they were nice. Guitar layers with keyboards, a sort of post rock J/D-ish bass and a singer not entirely unlike Julie Cruise and Portisheads love child.

But the main drawcard is Shrag. These guys are just fun. You would like to hang out with them, i am loathe to type the word sassy, but these guys (last bastions of the "dont call me twee" kids) are tie your springs to your shoes fun.

well initial upload does not seem successful. will work on this any way.

Bo Ningen

We were the first to arrive to the Bo Ningen gig at the corsica studios, Elephant and Castle. London is cold this time of year, so to starve off the freeze we mimed the sort of djs we would be.

The gig was full of the youth, apparently this is where they go out. The bill is quite eclectic between hip hop and japanese doom folk so I don't know who they are here to see. It never becomes clear because every possible cranny and nook is full of people.

I squeeze myself to the dance floor and take this footage. its awesome so turn it up and watch it all!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Thousand and Ten starts with double duvets!

Here we are then. Arthur C Clarke time!

Oh and its cold. Boiler seems to be playing up so we have to grab the spare duvet for the bed! grim.

Below I present you with the first photo of the year.

you all know the story right? well, I felt ashamed of myself as I excitedly went to spot the new "release" of Banksy- I don't realy like him myself, I mean some of them are awesome, but - the whole "save our banksy shit pisses me off. its just graffiti and the very act of it means that you should deface it. which this one is a prime example.
Any way, its down the road from my house so why not right?


the year starts with clubs coming back. and all clubs start with this blog.

Went to the Heath today with Z. The coldest Winter in 30 years makes it look fantastic.