Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What is it? It's it.

And bang. here I am, just like that, right in the middle of it all. No puff of smoke, no theme music? Unlikely entrance but I will do my best.

I dont know what I will make this blog. But I will try to add to it everytime I have something to give. and a couple more times, as well. So as its still early, I will leave you with a quote from the book I am reading,
Authenticity, David Boyle Flamingo 2003
"Or when pupils find themselves doing problems - as they do increasingly in North America - where they compare the viscosity of Prego sauce to Rago, because Campbells Soup has sponsored the teaching materials. Or about how long it will take to save for a pair of trainers because they've been sponsored by Nike. Or when children are herded into classrooms to watch sponsored television from the US channel One, on the condition that they dont speak during the ads, in returnfor corporate sponsorship of their school."

Maybe to early for that?
Also let me just congratulate Arsenal for defeating unreservedly Juventus last night.