Friday, October 31, 2008

Remedy for a Chilly Thursday

I sat there wondering if there is really any point being there if I couldnt record it somehow for the blog. I mean sure I have a photo from the phone, but that lacks definition and obviously- movement and sound.

I thought of reviewers of the past and how they would rely on words and choice phrases to evoke the mood and setting of the night, but I think I can almost feel your eyes glaze over as my sentences grow...

But it was an old fasioned gig last night at the Old Queens Head. It was a lounge, with a glitterball; old leather couches; lushly upholsted lounging chairs and tables set up with plenty of room so you could sit and watch the band. It certainly is my new favourite venue. Even apart from the fact this was free it seemed to me had a real community feel to it, and I really enjoyed being able to sit back and listen to some live music! Each band had at least one amazing song, and although there was a screechy (and female singer) theme that ran between each band had stand out performances.

Here is my briefest take on the night
Young Paul
I mean they said it themselves when they said it was karaoke... Why is the mac the only thing I can hear? it's a common problem that the mac goes straight through the PA but the guitar just through the amp. At times I couldnt tell if it was plugged in. And I mean nice shirt and all but to me (and I know I am just being picky) wear your stage clothes all night, dont put the shirt on after soundcheck in front of everyone- wheres the magic? Stand out song was the one about the major chords.

Slightly wonky aethestic with guitarist and singer were glammed up and the rhytm section thought they didnt need to bother. However they held the band together with great restraint. Stand out song- the last one no doubt. I dont think its on their myspace? surely its a single. I was actually blown away by it (but I am a sucker for spectoresque intros)

The DeBrettes
"enjoy the show" she said, and I did- she was everywhere, however like a dog on a lead could only stretch as far as the lead would so we were safe, but I did think she shocked a rather sophisticated couple when she was on the table. Stand out song Rage was released at the start of Oct and produced by Gordon Raphael (BTW)

Chapter 24 rounded off the evening with surf guitar led choppy eccentric rhythms that would change without warning. I thought the singer was really cool for some strange sophisticate reason. Oh and young paul should note that the drummer wore his top hat all evening. oh and the girls were going to go until they turned the sign on- great little prop as with the teapot.

Hey and the website for the old queens head (which is really rather good) was apparently created by delete so if you want some, come and get it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

William Blakes Grave

You know how it is, you get use to a place and then from out of nowhere peers something you have never seen? well we were heading to brick lane on Sunday, the clouds split just enough to leave dappled light on one of the best poet/engraver's in the world's grave...

oh- cool new artist

With his Victorian etchings with a penchant for duplicity the dark fantasy art of Dan Hillier lept out at me in the up market. Check him out!


ok, well so without turning this in to a coffee blog, had great coffee at this place in brick lane yesterday. Nude. Which no one was nude so apart from that let down had a great flat white just over the road from the upstart market on Hanbury street. Hey its good!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

More Human than Human

Had a lovely breakfast with L. today (there was no milk at home!)

Hammersmith Tube Station is an unlikely place for a peaceful and pleasant dining experience, but Antonias really captures something with its hideaway position and fabulous service. Lunch is great as well with a choice of al dante pasta and tasty toppings. So if yr hungry around there> snubb Mcdonalds with its 5am start (!) and disregard pret, head to something human!

PS photos from the iphone- not too shabby with a small size hey?