Thursday, November 30, 2006

Merry Memories

One million shopping days until Christmas!
Oh no!
Ten thousand shagging seconds before conception.
Oh no!
Thirty three godzillion breaths before expiration.
Err, I’ll stop now.

Also twenty minutes until work starts and I’m here. Don’t ask me why, oh no, don’t get me started, have been here a good 50 minutes of worthless work. No one to impress, just sitting around doing work, so I thought- haven’t blogged in a while lets hit that. But I don’t have much positive to bring at the moment, unless you count that its Thursday, that it’s a beautiful blue sky outside with some faint yellow washing my screen. But that’s by the by, it’s the last day of the month before December.

And speaking of presents, I am thinking of having a little suggestion series on things you might be able to get that special someone in your life. Starting with this little wonder…

Thursday, November 23, 2006

a nothing day

"I have nothing to say, I am saying it and that is poetry" -John Cage

Not the alley mcbeil character either! and here is a video showing his famous 4'33" at the Barbican Hall.

It sums up my day, but hopefully not my night.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Guilty, of love in the first degree

The spiral staircase in the tube platform was full to bursting point. The crowd was an uncomfortable mixture of home and away football fans and commuters. Tension was growing faster than people were moving. Not that he seemed to mind, his white ipod earphones were working overtime, his music spilling into the staircase, hustling for room.
She turns to her mate, incredulous. “Guilty” she says eyebrows arched high, “its guilty by bananarama innit?” Her friend nods wearily, “I never heard a bloke listening to Bananarama before unless he is gay, which he must be”. He trundled off seemingly unaware.
I didn’t listen to the rest of their social commentary, I was busy seething at L’s ability to blog straight from her phone.
Wahoo for me! I have finished the dvd for the nephew and its sitting right here beside me. I need to make a cover for it now in between my work (you will be happy to know tg). But I don’t know what really to put on it as all the photos have been used already in the dvd!
I will post it here of course when I am finished so don’t worry your cute little face about it.
A tense game last night had Arsenal pick the first ball out of the net from a superb strike from Van Da Vaart, whom I wish I didn’t name check yesterday. Arsenal were watching him at the start of the season though and perhaps he will follow Rosicky in scoring well against arsenal in the CL and then signing… After that things weren’t working for us, they were stealing our balls, Clichy and Eboue crosses became messier, the tempo dragged, and the commentators picked up the same old lines “this is becoming all too familiar” etc.

Senderos seemed awesome for some of those stops, coming right up field to snuff out danger in the midfield. Flamini did well as well. And Hleb was on fire, his footwork’s superb, but we lacked that last touch as the commentators couldn’t stop themselves from reminding us. But the half time quiet speculation seemed to do the trick and we stormed out. Fabregas turned with sublime grace to deftly weight a ball to Van Persie and in it went. Thank god!
But while 1 1 was looking like a result, and me thinking that the german league must be quite good if they are on the bottom of it we scored again.(less than 10 mins from time!) I think Eboue was as sick of his dodgy crosses (he did some awesome ones at the start of the game though) as I was and thought fuck it- I’m going for it. Blasted through the keeper it was the luck we needed.

But of course it wasn’t just luck, we had changed from dogged 4 5 1 to menacing 4 4 2, freeing up Henry at last from always having 3 defenders on his back, giving more room to VP to distract them and with such attacking fullbacks you felt that it had to happen. Only you knew the last few months would be playing on the players minds.

On came Theo Walcott, which was great not just to shut the commentators up about the lack of English feet on the grass, but also because his pace on the wing and (selfless) pinpoint cross allowed Baptista his first Arsenal goal. Go the Beast! So 3 1 van de vaart first goal was worth a sweet 80-1 at betfred.
And since I know not everyone cares about the football, here is a piece of stopmotion animation that makes me wish I had a digital video camera, a white board, more time and a time machine so I could steal this idea without being too obvious. Are you meant to reference you tube? if you want to know who the music etc is you have to click through- sorry!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Four tall beers later

My head aches.
I looked up from my book to see a brilliant blue sky, autumnal leaves of bright yellow were swaying slightly. Pretty, but it hurt my eyes.
I will try to drink two litres of water today. Its 2 minutes past nine and I already want to go home. Oh well, must sharpen up and get to work.
Well a few minutes on this blog won’t be too naughty and might even help me get my thoughts together.

Went out last night, saw Herman Dune.
Had a beer at the Ten Bells which was a smoky dingy affair.
>Also its where Jack the Ripper was meant to drink, and at least two of the girls he murdered drunk there regular like. There are lots of guided walks that you can do that show you the alleys the bodies were found in. Did you hear they have made a computer composite of his face?
Says he was five foot 6 which is the height I tell people I am, although I tried to measure myself earlier in the year to find I may actually be 5 foot 5 whoops.

L & I met up with TG and B and we made our way to the spitz. If you don’t know London the Spitalfields market is a large collection of stalls where you can find rugs, records, clothes, lamps, smoothies etc. And a small venue called Spitz. Also its close to brick lane.
>The church there was founded in something like 1110! That’s a long time ago. There use to be burnings of witches on the front landing. Lovely. I would like to see some of those dunking ponds in surrey sometime.

Any how, the spitz, the band was sitting downstairs having a meal, we read Vice and drank a beer. Amstel, that’ll be me. Then we went upstairs to be the first people in the place.

So Herman Dune has five members, and the two support artists are also in the band, so that’s cool- like a family. And the other members of the band came on to support them, which if you get your head around it means we watched three incarnations of the same band. For antifolk it was very folky. She was a tiny bit Joni Mitchell. Really nice sound though, but I wasn’t really in the mood for the solo bits so when the band came on with her it was a bit catchier. The audience kept “shh!ing” people which was a bit conceited, it added to the folkieness to it I guess, but I had the feeling if she picked up an electric guitar they would have yelled “judas!”
The second act was a kind of cross between bob Dylan and the guy no one talks about in turbonegro
He had a great sound.
Then the dune themselves came on- which we had already seen twice by now. The kids deigned to stand for these guys and suddenly you noticed how full the gig was. The singer has a massive beard and facial hair is so in right now, I have only been told yesterday that it is mo-vember so don’t have the time to grow my own for it damn. (I was actually about to write) The singer has a voice that reminds me of Antony and the Jonsons but with a sense of humour. I thought his voice also sounded like they had been touring for a while and straining. A cool gig all in all, and it reminded me I havent been to one for ages. (*forages?). It also met my new self imposed 10 pound limit on gigs. (L bought the tx though). I would give the gig 7 out of 10.
I had two more beers during this time.
Got out, and though I will omit the bits L enjoyed reminding me of this morning got home to find myself rolling drunk. Four beers!! The shame. But I have you know that is over 10 units of alcohol and its not “cool” to binge drink. So I vomited (!) L made me the tastiest beef roll ever and I snored my way into today.
I will put photos that L took of the gig up in the HeadRoom blog when I get them into flickr.

So other than that the Arsenal play Hamburg tonight at home. Which means tube chaos coming out of Holloway Road I guess. We have to win this tonight really and perhaps the draw to Newcastle will be more palatable if it means that it galvanises the team to destroy the Germans tonight. Although Gallas is out, centre back is a position we have covered. Both Djourou and Senderos are fit again and Hoyte scored for the England under 21s. So we could shuffle things a bit, but it is a shame about Gallas though, looks like he will miss the Chelsea game where his experience would have been good, and I would have put a pound on him scorring. We have Gilberto back in as well which will tighten us up a bit. Hamburg I read have only won 2 games this season and have loads of injuries but they do have a fit and scoring van der vaart in who I thought played brilliantly in the world cup.
My bets would be 2 nil Henry scoring the first goal, or a classic 1 nil Adebayor scoring.

Apologies if I spelt any names wrong and its time to publish this and get to work.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A few seconds longer

As an experiment I am writing this in word as to have the ideas flow rather than succumb to the pressure of writing something within the boundaries of having the blog page open awaiting impatiently.

An unfortunate by product of this is a potentially longwinded disjointed piece, but hey- feel free to skip, although I will use some pix as well as a cheap trick to keep you here for a few seconds longer.

Do you think its true in blogs as it is in film that it loses potency as soon as the title is written or spoken during it?

I am loving the new Tom Waits disc – Orphans. I imagine the radio song will be “long way home” which is awesome and catchy even!out today go and get it!

Although one problem with this experiment is that I may just leave this open and not think about it. Its 15:00 already and I have only just remembered! I am working however so its not as if I am ignoring you.

I am thinking of getting this tattoo right here, L. is buying me one for our anniversary so I thought it would be fitting to have a love theme…

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Outlook for Thursday your guess is good as mine. (especially if your guess is rain)

To start with, it was mine and L's anniversary yesterday hoorah. thats Four years of marriage. So we headed down to a favourite vietnamese restaurant called Khoai (at the start of middle lane in Crouch End N8). We got there early enough to score the best seat in the place and it quickly filled up. We had spare ribs and vietnamese fried pancake (which is AWESOME!) let me say. L had the noodle soup special and I had fried pork heh. This whole traditional present lark limits presents of course, so the three inspired choices are flowers-linen-electrical appliances. L got soaps (molton brown) with a linen bag, slightly off court but hey, and I got a slender blender. oh yeah. its going to be a weekend of smoooooooothies.

But on the sad side of town I just heard about this guy. He set himself on fire to protest about Iraq, on top of an istallation of a concrete flame which was quite a nice irony. But because of its very nature it hasnt had any mainstream coverage that I have seen.

But thats us, November is pushing its way through, winter is approaching London in waves, pushing brillant orange leaves across branches all over town into small tidy carpets

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Forever Tuesday Morning

Autumn, Goodbye Halloween, Hello Guy Fawkes.

One of the best things about growing up in NZ
is the fact that you share the cultures of many different countries. Of course one of the worse things about growing up in the present times is how cultures have dollar (pound) signs attached. Guy Fawkes nights were some of the best times ever in Foxton Beach. When I grew up there were a few mystical fireworks that had been banned. I have only heard of the "Jumping Jack" which once ingnited, would jump over distances with a bang, banned forever because of its tendency to jump into bags of fireworks.
And I lived to see the "double happy" banned. I imagine I will see the ability to light your own fireworks banned as well. I am pretty sure thats something the Asian countries will never do. Those guys love their fireworks. They did invent them I guess.

Its fireworks night tonight at my work. I work in this industrial park in the deepest wild west of London. It has a man made lake and crazy buildings with what seem to be giant venician blinds all over it. I feel a bit sick but the day is wonderfully clear and will be a good sight. I would download some pix of it, however I have lost the camera charger!! So it will be a while before I do that. Or I guess i can look for it!

I guess blogs should be short and sharpened to a witty point, sorry in advance.

I have just finished a book I chose for its Halloween feel, "The Witching Hour" John Pritchard Voyager 1997. it was alright, I got one scare out of it.

So I am writing a childrens book for my nephew. It needs a name. Not the nephew the book. Its about numbers animals and geography. The book rhymes and has a lot of alliteration (SP?) in it. So I guess the title will have to incorporate this. The closest I have got so far is Jacob's Jolly Jaunt. but its not really about Jacob jaunting as he is sleeping in the book. Its more about the sun going around the world looking at different animals. So I annouce a competition for anyone who can come up with a snappy enough title and I will send them a prize. and a finished copy of the book once its out (1Q07)