Monday, January 26, 2009

the egg layers and the spawned

You guys know what a Tuatara is right? These awesome little fellas are making news all over NZ at the moment.
Apparently one that is 111 years old just had babys!. And its not just going on in the zoo's but eggs have been found in the wild, for the first time in 70 years!

This rather clumisly brings me to another piece of news that caught my eye this morning, that the FDA is lifting its ban on stem cell research applied to humans. The embryonic stem cell can adapt to change into any kind of cell in the human body, which is an amazing thing when you think about it. Geron (an american company) has had its plans to test on patients with injured spinal cords due to injury. Its worked on the rats! But previously where the Bush administration has condemned the practice, the FDA has stood firm, now there is a more liberal administration the FDA has allowed what may turn out to be another historic milestone in American history. The FDA have denied that this white house shift has anything to do with anything, but well, its a coincidence and a half!

Conversely, you can isolate your own amniotic cells at home with any placenta you may have hanging around. This way you can beat any monopoly Geron may have in the future.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crush and Lovely- 50 people one question

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.

Just found this. Its very nicely shot and quite inspirational. By crush and lovely apprently there is going to be a london one coming up soon, so check them out at a later date. You know these are one of those ideas you just want to steal for yourself!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Cross Continent Biking fun, the breakfast club and a restaurant in the trees

Thanks to L. for this heads up but PoPW has just heard about a new and exciting development appearing on the back of the Olympics. No I am as scared as the next person at how cringeworthy the “we will rock you” dancers trading off with “the Saturdays” version of “God Save the Queen”- and I am annoyed at each weekend disruption being essential engineering works due to a last ditch attempt at stop gapping problems on tube lines … but I am pleased as punch at the idea of a cycle route between Paris and London!

It seems almost the entire 211 mile journey will miss out roads entirely from St Paul’s Cathedral to Notre Dame, utilising disused rail lines. How fantastic is that!

A Church in West Sussex is claiming the representation of a dying Christ is scarring children. Imagine. Its like the church censoring itself. Maybe they should have chosen a less sinister emblem then, like some broken loaves, or Christ with fish hooks in peoples mouths, or a net of people slung on his back as the fisher of men... But seriously there is something to think about with the changing face of the church in todays society

Hmmm, I don’t really get it other than it looks amazing, is a tree house restaurant and they found the builders from the yellow pages? Hmmm, that’s it isn’t it. But hey, nothing like a bit of hype and what a great idea to get funding from the yellow pages, that you would use any way. Other than just asking your mates I suppose. Its a fun website though, click through that link to see treehouse getting made, then go outside and make one.

Ok, so it’s the weekend coming up. And I have already given you a list of free things!
But heres a couple more. Tonight the National Portrait Gallery scratches your Bulgarian Folk Music itch…

Music from the court of the Holy Roman Emperor - Maximilian I - and new pieces based on traditional English and Bulgarian folk music. Supported by the Arts Council's Escalator Scheme

And Epping Forrest Lakes are Frozen! So head down and walk around this winter wonderland. Singing loudly "theres only onnnnnnnne Denis Bergkamp"


But heres a story from last year that I have only just discovered, but a fantastic one so worth reliving. Apparently for fun some guy (Darren Hoyt) goes and checks out his pool filters for fun. Even brings along his girlfriend. After three days of rain he takes her down the back to check out whats down there. And as he puts it

a turtle, exhausted and barely able to stay afloat any longer, supporting a frog on its back while a spider clung to the frog’s head to avoid drowning.

This inspired a tattoo amongst other things (see his update).

Excellent use of resources. I thought the frog might turn into that fox and eat the spider, but no- they all just- apparently reluctantly went off on their separate missions. Reminds me of the end of Breakfast Club.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Londons Not as Expensive as they tell you!

In face of the cold and gloomy front that full my mornings in the form of news reports and papers I feel fantastic about this year. And to celebrate the fact that we are all alive and even if we want to tighten our belts a little we can still enjoy ourselves I am bringing yet another list to you.

This time of things to do that wont require you to bring out the hammer to the piggy bank.

For those of you not in London, (or who commute daily!) I will try and do all that’s on the list and bring you back my findings! I do this for you.

Danny Wallace creates a podcast and signs copies of the Yes Man at the Apple Store tomorrow night. Should be ok, hes pretty funny!

The Natural History Museum is holding Londons first Ice Sculpting Festival this weekend. You can even learn how to do it in Free Masterclasses. If once there you are wanting to spend money, there is an ice rink, a Darwin Exhibition and the Wildlife Photographers exhibition on show next to the amazing, outstanding and free permanent exhibits. Don’t forget the lichen exhibit, its just as important as the dinosaurs.

Light Graffiti
Here are a bunch of flickrites who are going to meet up on the 17th of Jan to take night photos of light. This looks fun.

Shameless Photoclub Plug although in exactly the same place but in two weeks after and at the completely unsociable hour of morning time, the first actual meeting of photoclub, Borough Market 31st Jan 09:00.

£5 Films at Vue Cinemas.
You have to order before 16:00 on the chosen day of viewing, so it really is for those last minute choices, and with Che part one on and My Bloody Valentines 3D coming up, it’s a good offer. Actually Its one of my new year resolutions is to see more film. And with this year being the year of 3D, I couldn’t be more excited. 3d film in Real D and sky TV going 3D 2009 it might be worth sending two and a half grand to japan to get the sort of telly you need, to project the polarized view. I am into it I think, but will just go to the pub to watch the 3d games!

Of Course 5 pound films are not as good as free film.

Free photographic portrait exhibition at the NPG

Ok that should do you for a fortnight of getting out and about for less than a tenner. I think the much have purchase is a hip flask so you can get rid of all that left over whisky for a winter warmer.