Monday, July 11, 2011

A blog of randomness

Sometimes one collects photos they have taken, and never lets them out.
out you fly!!

also this is the weirdest connection between great song- amazingly unconnected video of the performer and what the lyrics mean in Italian. such a combo.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Still for me the best album of the year- Fold outs!!

It might have to be time to think about sofobomo. I quite like the thought of "found things" but I never find cool things like maps of worlds that don't exist just lying on the road. I found a tenner the other day, but I whohooed loudly, and the guy with his daughter in the bike looked up, so I felt I just had to ask him if he had lost it. Turns out he had.
shoulda sofobomoed his ass.

What makes the best photo book do you think? Photos have to be imaginative, evocative, capture a blink of time that tells a whole story or look cool.

This guys blog is called found objects. and he has ghost signs. Now I like those... but do they make good photos? kind of in a geek way but...

see this is a good photo

where do you get them from then?

I might call it "all people are interesting" and then still take portraits of randoms in places in London that I love. Have one photo or a portrait and one of the person in that place.
I could even start it tomorrow.

which is perhaps the most procrastinistic thing I have ever written.