Sunday, February 21, 2010

My favorite London Wineshops

Lets see how far this post goes haha.

SO I thought that I might post all my favorite Wine shops. I dont know how many favorites I actually do have, so that may take some research :)

This one if ace! Situated in this crazy haven of the middleclasses, The Winery sits happily next to a deli, fancy furniture store and baby boutique, opposite an organic butcher so you can get all your middleclass wares, cheese wine baby gifts and steak (£33 pounds a kilo for Sirloin- 8.95 per kg for a shoulder of lamb). But do not judge it by its street! The staff take time and care on their recomendations, will give history lessons (it use to be a chemist) and go to many of the winerys themselves to choose which vintages to take.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Band club

Went to see shrag last night, these guys supported, they were nice. Guitar layers with keyboards, a sort of post rock J/D-ish bass and a singer not entirely unlike Julie Cruise and Portisheads love child.

But the main drawcard is Shrag. These guys are just fun. You would like to hang out with them, i am loathe to type the word sassy, but these guys (last bastions of the "dont call me twee" kids) are tie your springs to your shoes fun.

well initial upload does not seem successful. will work on this any way.

Bo Ningen

We were the first to arrive to the Bo Ningen gig at the corsica studios, Elephant and Castle. London is cold this time of year, so to starve off the freeze we mimed the sort of djs we would be.

The gig was full of the youth, apparently this is where they go out. The bill is quite eclectic between hip hop and japanese doom folk so I don't know who they are here to see. It never becomes clear because every possible cranny and nook is full of people.

I squeeze myself to the dance floor and take this footage. its awesome so turn it up and watch it all!