Monday, August 17, 2009

worlds first projector camera

I think this is as big as polaroids would have been when that first came out. You know those times, you are away somewhere away from your computer with yr buddys, you are getting a bit bored of them and you dont know how to encourage them to disperse so you can get a little alone time in with your current squeeze.
Well, just whip this little bugger out and you can have a slide show anywhere! The Nikon s1000pj (catchy!) is billed as the first camera with a built in projector!
It promises pictures between 4 and 40 inches. resolution probably needs to be seen to be believed, or at least blogged- but hey, this is one camera gimmick I am all for.
Get one soon!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

best live band i have seen for ages!

Fight Like Apes!

Saw them at Latitude festival, and I loved it. L and I are going to go over to Berlin in September to see them! Hopefully R. can come to, and how about you?